How To Choose An Ideal Concrete Ground Pump For Your Job

The selection of concrete ground pump should be comprehensively considered according to the concrete project object, characteristics, required maximum delivery volume, maximum delivery distance, concrete construction plan, type of concrete ground pump and specific conditions.

grgound concrete line pump

1. Type and Structure of the building
The performance of ground concrete pump varies with random models. In addition to the amount of concrete pouring, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and surrounding environment should all be considered when selecting the model.
The main performance parameters of the concrete pump usually selected should be consistent with the construction needs or slightly larger. If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate will be low. While if the capacity is too small, it will not only fail to meet the construction requirements, but also accelerate the loss of the concrete pump.

2.Construction Adaptability
Due to the high flexibility of the ground pump and the use of pipeline transmission, the greater the pouring height and the distribution range, the stronger the construction adaptability.
Concrete ground pumps are divided into large concrete delivery pumps and small scale concrete pumps. The output capacity of the large scale pump is 60m3/h, 80m3/h or 90 m3/h, etc., which is suitable for large construction projects such as commercial housing construction.
Small scale concrete pumps with large aggregate (such as 40m3/h concrete pumps, 50m3/h concrete pumps, 60m3/h pumps, etc..) suit for small construction projects such as rural housing construction.
And there are fine stone concrete pumps and mortar pumps for conveying mortar, and truck-mounted concrete conveying pumps.

3.Volume of Construction Business
The number of concrete ground pumps can be decided according to the amount of concrete pouring, the actual delivery volume of a single machine and the construction time.
For those concrete conveying and pumping construction projects with a large amount of one-time concrete pouring, it is recommended to consider a certain reserve amount in addition to the calculation. 2~3 concrete delivery pumps are required.

4.Configuration and Specification
The working performance of a concrete ground pump should adhere to a high grade level when selecting models. If a high-value pump machine is selected, the standard requirements for its products must also be raised. The quality of the main components of the product, from the inner quality to the appearance quality, must be compatible with the high value of the concrete ground pump machine.



5.Power System
Many transmission parts of the concrete ground pump use hydraulic technology. So it is necessary to consider whether the hydraulic technology is advanced and the quality of the hydraulic components is at high-grade. Because its power comes from the engine motor.
In addition to the performance and quality of the engine, it is also necessary to consider the performance, bearing capacity and quality of the vehicle chassis.

6.Operation System
The operation control system on the concrete ground line pump has manual, wired or wireless control methods.
The wired control is convenient and flexible, and the wireless remote control can be operated remotely.
Once the circuit fails, manual operation can be used.